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abcartridge is one of the largest printer and copier machine rental company in India. Our superior service has been relied upon years of experience and expertise of rental business to provide printers, copier machines, scanners, projectors, desktops, laptops and business equipment on rent. Whatever is your need, from 1 to 10000 printers or copier machine for a short-term business need or for an ongoing multi-month, multi-year, multi-location, multi-office project - we will deliver. 
Our domain experts understand all types of business segments; from Corporate and Professional Services, to Events and Training, Legal Services, Government, Military, Contract Research, Education, Insurance, Banking, Software Development and much more. We equip you to focus on what really matters – your business!
We partner with you to provide the right business technology when & where you need it. Our quality is unparalleled within the industry and allows us to maintain customers for years to come

Tailor-made systems from a single source

Our close association with OEM brands, proven reliability and knowledge depth of customer usage pattern empowers us to offer on-demand tailor made rental solutions to lower your TCO and increase productivity.
Our approach allows us to have agile processes in order to meet your needs in a cost-efficient way. Our flexible on-demand tailor-made rental solution enables us to address specific requirements such as rental only, rental plus supply, rental plus usage model and pay as you use model, all powered by a powerful Rental Service Management Engine accessible through – Desktop & Mobile App.
We provide seamless integration of our rental devices with our Rental Service Management Engine to give your real-time usage data, billing data and analytics to save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your critical business activities.

Why rent office productive and automation equipment?

- Renting has the benefit of being tax-deductible at 100%
- contrarily to an acquisition, a payment made towards a rental is tax-deductible.
- Renting affects your borrowing capacity less than an acquisition
- an acquisition requires significant outflows or a bank loan
- Renting allows you to limit the total cost depending on the length of use
- outflows can be limited to very short periods or for a particular project
- Renting from abcartridge includes support service, maintenance, and repairs at all times
- you can be assured that your product is always guaranteed.

Rental channel with future potential

Our rentals are made via the Rental Service Management app, the integration of smart technologies into the app facilitates the rental process. We offer our users seamless access to our rental system via seamless connectivity and communication with rented devices. In less than 5 minutes, custom made rental schemes are ready without entering much of the data. New users can register via our self-service portal and rent anything which is listed on our site, download quotation and manage contract documents.

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